About Us

“North Travel” is an international travel agency. The essential objective of establishment of our company is organizing touristic tours to the north destination of northern hemisphere. The fundamental touristic destinations of our company are Crimea Peninsula (Russian Federation), North Caucasus, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, central / European part of Russia (especially Moscow and St. Petersburg), and also Siberia by train. That means, we are primarily oriented to the Black Sea hinterland. The main characteristic and mission of our touristic travels is; wandering the regions and places above all in cultural and historical aspect, and besides getting to know the foremost natural beauties of those locations. In difference with almost most of the relatively similar agencies, the excursions of “North Travel” are quite full of with compact and intensive cultural-historic programs going on from the morning till the evening under the orientation of international highly skilled guides. Regarding the accommodation, we are taking care of choosing the most comfortable, central and attractive hotels of cities and towns during our voyages for our guests.